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Boreh Foods white border-01.png

Boreh Foods is a full-line food distributor that has been servicing customers in Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama since 2018. Boreh Foods works passionately to procure groceries from all over the world. We serve chain supermarkets, Farmers Markets, bodegas, Gas Stations, catering companies, and sub-distributors with the diverse inventory they need to stock their shelves and satisfy their consumers. Boreh Foods specializes in Latin, European and international foods.


Boreh Foods will always be a trusted partner for our clients and suppliers. We believe in earning appreciation by providing the best quality and the most efficient service to our customers. We achieve our goals by building professional and fair relationships with our suppliers and by recognizing our employees as an essential part of our solid team. We provide them with opportunities to grow, both professionally and personally.


                                Lucas Garcia


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